Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Antonio Rudiger, a Sierra Leone born, German professional footballer flew the flag of his Sierra Leone when his club, Real Madrid defeated Borussia Dortmund to lift the UEFA Champions League Trophy. Rudiger, whose mother is Sierra Leonean, has had deep and impact full connections with the country through donations to charities, as well as partnerships with organizations committed to improving the lives of Sierra Leoneans in need.


Antonio Rudiger, we bɔn na Siera Liɔn, Jamani profeshɔnal futbɔla flay di flag fɔ in Siera Liɔn we in klab, Real Madrid win Borussia Dortmund fɔ es di UEFA Champions League Trophy. Rudiger, we in mama na Siera Lion, dɔn gɛt dip ɛn impak ful kɔnekshɔn wit di kɔntri tru doneshɔn to charity, ɛn bak patnaship wit ɔganayzeshɔn dɛn we dɔn mekɔp in maynd fɔ mek di layf fɔ Siera Lion pipul dɛn we nid ɛp, bɛtɛ.



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