Time Portal. Fourah Bay College.

Fourah Bay College opened as the first institution of higher learning in modern sub-Saharan Africa after the collapse of the one at Timbuktu. It is renowned to be the first University College in Black Africa. #Tourismforall #IAmSalone #TourizmNaAllManBizness #SierraLeoneEconomicDiversificationProject #WorldBank #Allowmeforenjoymesef #ExploreFreedom #SaloneBigPassWiAll

Time Portal, Law Court Building

Time Portal. Law Court Building.   The Law Court Building is a historical monument that has survived the test of times. The foundation Stone of this building was laid by the Duke of Connaught while on a royal visit.   #Tourismforall #IAmSalone #TourizmNaAllManBizness #SierraLeoneEconomicDiversificationProject #WorldBank #Allowmeforenjoymesef

The Heroes Showdown

Frɔm di ol, rayt to di tɛm we dɔn pas, wi istri ful-ɔp wit man ɛn uman we mek wi bi di spɛshal neshɔn we wi bi tide. Uswan pan dɛn hiro ya de inspɛkt yu pas ɔl? From the old, right on to the recent past, our history is filled with men and women […]

Tourism for All Campaign Reaches Tongo-Field

18th April, 2024 info@tourism.gov.sl In their relentless drive to explore and promote the value of cultural and touristic sites nationwide, the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs have taken the “Tourism for All Campaign” initiative to Tongo-Field, Kenema District, Eastern Region of Sierra Leone. Local Entrepreneur and Indigiene of Tongo, Abubakarr Achie Fofanah took the […]

The Heroes Showdown

Wi hiro dɛm pas di tɔch fɔ dɛn fridɔm wok to di nɛks jɛnɛreshɔn. Na dɛn vishɔn we wi de liv naw. Uswan pan dɛn hiro ya de mek yu fil mɔ? Our heroes passed on the torch of their liberation work to the next generation. It is their vision we are currently living. Which […]

The Heroes Showdown

Usay wi de tide na di tray we di hiro dɛn we bin de trade ɛn di wan dɛn we bin dɔn pas dis biɛn tɛm bin tray tranga wan. Uswan kin kech yu imajineshɔn mɔ? Where we are today is a result of the effort from heroes of old and the recent past. Which […]

Happy World Heritage Day

Na dis spɛshal de, lɛ wi ɔl kam togɛda fɔ kip, protɛkt, ɛn protɛkt di ɛritij sayt dɛm, kɔlchɔ, ɛn tradishɔn dɛm we de mek Siera Liɔn bi layt fɔ fridɔm, wanwɔd, ɛn difrɛn kɔlchɔ dɛm. Hapi Wɔl Ɛritij De. On this special day, let us all come together to preserve, protect, and promote the […]


A lot has happened this past quarter in Tacugama Sanctuary. To see how far we’ve come, and the giant strides we’ve taken, visit https://mailchi.mp/tacugama/2024-q1-report

The Heroes Showdown

Siera Liɔn hiro dɛn bin ple difrɛn bɔt impɔtant wok fɔ ɛp wi fɔ ajɔst wi ajɔst di fri we wi de ɛnjɔy naw. Uswan yu de aydentify wit di mɔs? Sierra Leonean heroes played different but crucial roles in helping us achieve our achieve the free we now enjoy. Which one do you identify […]