Cole street

Cole Street Guest House de na 5 Cole Street, Murray Town, Freetown, ɛn i de sho di quintessential istri fɔ di Murray Town Neighbourhood. Cole street na reservations only restaurant, so yu go gɛt fɔ buk bifo tɛm fɔ gɛt sidɔm ples na tebul.

Cole Street de gi yu bak wan prayvet tu-rum suit, we jɔs fayn fɔ famili. Di rum dɛn supa kɔzy wit fɔnicha we dɛn mek wit an na Siera Liɔn, ɛn yu kin ɛnjɔy ɛksklusiv mɔnin ɛn ivintɛm akses to di si view balkɔn ɛn living rum.

Rum ret stat frɔm di Leone ikwal to US$130 – US$180

Cole Street Guest House is located at 5 Cole Street, Murray Town, Freetown, and is emblematic of the quintessential history of the Murray Town Neighbourhood. Cole street is a reservations only restaurant, so you’ll have to book ahead to get a seat at the table.

Cole Street also offers a private two-room suite, that is just ideal for families. The rooms are super cozy with furniture that is handcrafted in Sierra Leone, and you can enjoy exclusive morning and evening access to the sea view balcony and living room.

Room rates start from the Leone equivalent of US$130 – US$180


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