Innovate Salone 101

Fɔ mek di Turizm Sɛktɔ na Siera Liɔn go ivin big, wi ɔl fɔ rich dip fɔ mek aydia dɛn we rili big. Bɔt rili big aydia dɛn kin mek pɔsin fred we dɛn fɔs tɔk bɔt am, so di natura l ansa kin bi we pɔsin nɔ gri wit am. Di big big aidia dɛm we de mek pɔsin fred, dɛn kin tek am mistek as ‘rɔng ansa’. Bɔt as wi de lan fɔ opin wi maynd fɔ difrɛn we dɛn fɔ du tin, ɛn gɛt maynd fɔ rɔn wit dɛn, wi go bigin fɔ si di wɔndaful growth ɛn divɛlɔpmɛnt we Turizm na Siera Liɔn dɔn prɔmis frɔm di biginin. So never stop creating, and never stop innovating.


To drive the Tourism Sector in Sierra Leone to even greater levels, we must all reach deep to produce ideas that are really big. But really big ideas are usually scary when they are first suggested, so the natural response usually is a rejection. The big scary ideas are erroneously considered ‘wrong answers’. But as we learn to open our minds to diverse approaches, and become bold enough to run with them, we will begin to see the amazing growth and development Tourism in Sierra Leone has promised right from the very start. So never stop creating, and never stop innovating.

Photo Credit: @lettiestuartpottery & @aurorafoundation_official







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