MTCA Commemorates African World Heritage Day

Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs is joining the rest of the African continent in Commemorating African World Heritage Day on the theme: safeguarding African heritage through Education.

Proclaimed by the 38th session of the General Conference of UNESCO, African World Heritage Day is an opportunity for people around the world and particularly Africans to celebrate the continent’s irreplaceable cultural and natural heritage.

Sierra Leone as part of the global village, joins the World to celebrate this day by reinforcing messages of protection and effective management through the Tourism for All campaign.

As part of the celebrations, the Assistant Director of Culture, Ishmeal Abu Kamara engaged vendors and traders at the Victoria Park, Sewa Ground, along Garrison Street, Central Freetown through face-to-face education and projector screening on the natural and Cultural heritage, as well as basic history of Sierra Leone and touristic sites in Freetown. The event attracted many traders, customers and passers-by and comments of appreciation were shared by some people who attended the event.

The Assistant Director would also be featuring on SLBC morning coffee program on Monday, 6th May, followed by an online zoom meeting organized by the African World Heritage Center in the afternoon.

The commemoration of the African World Heritage Day resonates with the Culture and Heritage month of May in the on-going Tourism for all campaign.

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