Create and Innovate: Dream, Create and become the solution provider Salone Needs

Usay prɔblɛm dɛn de, na di kɔrɛspɔndɛns chans dɛn de.So wi nɔ fɔ fred we wi si sɔm tin dɛn we nɔ rili rayt na Siera Liɔn.Wi fɔ insted de aks wisɛf se, “Oportunities de na dis chalenj we kin bɛnifit mi spɛshal wan, ɛn di Sierra Leonean Tourism Sector at large? A gɛt wetin i nid fɔ yuz dɛn chans dɛn de? So stat fɔ drim, bigin fɔ mek, ɛn bigin fɔ bi di sɔlv prɔvayda we Salone nid.


Where there are problems, there are corresponding opportunities. So we shouldn’t be fazed when we see a few things that are not quite right in Sierra Leone. We should instead be asking ourselves, “Are there opportunities in this challenge that can benefit me specifically, and the Sierra Leonean Tourism Sector at large? Do I have what it takes to exploit those opportunities? So start dreaming, start creating, and start being the solution provider Salone needs.









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