Key takeaways from Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs and National Tourist Board

Key takeaways from Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs and National Tourist Board Emergency Meeting with Lumley Beach Bar Owners ahead of the third Phase of the Demolition Process

1. The General Manager of the National Tourist Board, Fatmata Hamid Carew informed all beach bars owners that the demolition exercise which they have embarked on was not a decision that the Tourist Board took upon itself but a Cabinet decision that they are under instructions to implement.

2. Phase one and two of the demolition exercises have been completed. For phase three, letters have already been sent to beach bar owners whose facilities would be demolished if they failed to comply within the deadline.

3. Of those demolished beach bars, the NTB is under instructions to withdraw all those lands as they are now owned by the government until further notice. Letters regarding this have been sent to all concerned individuals.

4. Concerns from beach bar owners were that, some of them are constrain in getting contractors to reconstruct their bars and that no sample of how the beach bars should look was given to them.

5. The deputy Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Khadijatu Kamara responded to beach bar owners who were making excuses and claims that there were no sample of structure to look from as finding a way to make up for failing to meet the stipulated deadline of April 30th 2024. She commended those that are already sending in pictures to show that they have started the reconstruction process to show commitment and expressed disappointment at those who have done nothing yet giving excuses.

6. It was made clear that, those that have done significant work in reconstructing would possibly be given another chance to continue with their reconstruction process and those who have failed to comply will have themselves to blame.

7. Face three of the demolition exercise would commence soon after several engagements with beach bar owners reminding them to reconstruct or face demolition.

8. The Chairman of the beach bar Association, Sandy pleaded for a notice of demolition before the start of the demolition.

9. The General Manager of NTB, Fatmata Hamid Carew agreed to the chairman’s plea in sending notices to them before the demolition exercise.

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