March is the Month to CREATE AND INNOVATE in the 2024 Tourism for All Campaign

The month of March is a special month in our quest to make Sierra Leone a premium tourist destination. Why? Because in our on-going Tourism for All Campaign, the theme for the month of March is ‘Create and Innovate’, and Sierra Leone is witnessing a surge in innovative approaches and creative initiatives aimed at revitalizing and increasing the competitiveness of its tourism sector.

Creativity and innovation underpins every major breakthrough and development the world has seen so far, and this includes development we’ve all witnessed in the worldwide tourism sector.

Over the years, we’ve been working hard In Sierra Leone to build up our tourism industry. Our ambition is huge, our will is unshakable, and our energy, undiminished. But if we are to make real strides, we need to add to our repertoire of competencies, the ability to conceive and execute big ideas.

From the government agencies responsible for improving tourism infrastructure, to private institutions that invest in tourism, we all must begin to think bigger in the dispensation of our duties. Whether we are hospitality providers, artists and craftsmen, tour guides, transport operators, engineers, computer scientists, communicators, educators, or environmental activists, we all need to embrace the penchant to innovate and go in bold new directions.

Creating and innovating, doesn’t only mean creating new things, it also means bringing new approaches to how we preserve and protect the extraordinary diversity of natural and cultural heritage we already have. A case in point is the cleaning of our beaches. We’re instituting a unique program this month to make our beaches even more attractive, and we invite you to join us.

To innovate further, we are also addressing the root cause of plastic waste. Through the new Go Circular initiative supported by the World Bank, an increasing number of hotels in Sierra Leone are actively working toward going plastic free and looking for cost-efficient alternatives.

Sierra Leone’s Tourism potential is huge, but in order to get it past the realm of mere potential, we need to dig in, and dig out all that latent ability present in all of us. I am sure that at the end of this ‘Create and Innovate’ month, we would have successfully planted the creativity mindset that will take us all the way to our desired destination. How can you get involved? Look out for our video series and newscasts featuring local talent, inventions and creativity promoting tourism and culture. Join us as we challenge our youths to develop and share innovative solutions on using tourism as an effective tool to protect the environment. Reach out and celebrate our women who have been breaking barriers in the creative and innovative space. And don’t forget to add your creative thoughts on what we should do about the Cotton Tree. Enti una know say tourism na all man business?

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