Record 1,651 Tourists Engage with Sierra Leone at ITB, Setting New Heights in Tourism

11th March 2024


The Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs and the National Tourist Board (NTB) unveiled an unprecedented achievement at a press conference hosted at the Ministry’s Kingharman Headquarters. A remarkable 1,651 tourists flocked to Sierra Leone’s Explore Freedom stand during the Internationale Tourismus-Borse Berlin (ITB) in Germany, marking a significant milestone in the nation’s tourism sector. The event served as a platform to share the triumphs and insights gained from this remarkable endeavor, with private sector partners contributing their perspectives on the groundbreaking success.







In his opening address, Permanent Secretary Edward Kwame Yankson underscored the global significance of ITB as the prominent tourism trade fair annually hosted in Berlin. He hailed Sierra Leone’s participation as not only successful but also as the pinnacle achievement to date, yielding promising outcomes across various facets of the tourism landscape.












Minister Nabeela Tunis echoed these sentiments, lauding the myriad accomplishments stemming from Sierra Leone’s presence at ITB. From securing membership in esteemed organizations like the African Travel and Tourism Association (ATTA) to fostering heightened engagements on a global scale, Minister Tunis emphasized the pivotal role of the private sector in driving the industry forward. She emphasized the importance of positive media coverage in advancing the nation’s tourism agenda while expressing gratitude to the Ministry’s staff, partner agencies, and private sector collaborators for their unwavering dedication and contributions.







The General Manager, NTB, Fatmata Hamid Carew premised her submission on the key takeaways from the showpiece event, mentioning the record number of tourists that visited Sierra Leone’s stand, being the first West African destination to join ATTA as well as becoming a member of a specialized tour operators association. She laid emphasis on the different products of the destination that were marketed, ranging from the authentic natural attractions to the wonderful Sierra Leonean cuisine that is making headways in the international space.







On another front, Minister Tunis will chair the Women in Tourism Leadership for African Committee (WiTLAC), a milestone that demonstrates the profile and respect earned in global tourism agendas.

Private sector operatives explained their inputs, and also proffer recommendations for leveraging opportunities in the international space.


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