Tourism for All Year Round Initiative

Turizm na Siera Liɔn na tin we dɛn kin du ɔlsay na di ia. We wi bin de tray fɔ mek pipul dɛn na Siera Liɔn kɔntribyut wit ɔl dɛn at fɔ mek shɔ se wi turizm industri go bifo, wi bin tink bɔt 12 tim dɛn fɔ dayrɛkt wi fɔs. Familiarize yusɛf wit dɛm, ɛn yuz dɛm as gayd fɔ stratejik wan kɔntribyut yu kwota fɔ di ajɔstmɛnt fɔ wi kɔlektif gol ɛn ɔbjɛktiv dɛm.


Tourism in Sierra Leone is a year round affair. In our quest to spur Sierra Leoneans to contribute wholeheartedly to ensuring the success of our tourism industry, we conceived 12 themes to direct our focus. Familiarize yourself with them, and use them as a guide to strategically contribute your quota to the achievement of our collective goals and objectives.









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