Create and Innovate : When we creatively solve problems, Salone prospers

Grɔw ɛn divɛlɔpmɛnt kin kam as a rizulta fɔ prɔblɛm dɛn we kin sɔlv. We wi bigin fɔ si prɔblɛm, nɔto as tin we de mek pɔsin vɛks, bɔt as chans, wi de na di rod fɔ tek Salone in jɔnal, ɛn di Turizm sɛktɔ mɔ, to big ayt. So kip yu maynd opin, put yu tinkin kap, ɛn lɛ wi bigin fɔ mek ɛn inova wi we fɔ kɔmɔt pan ɛni prɔblɛm we de bifo wi.


Growth and development comes about as a result of problems that get solved. When we start seeing problems, not as irritants, but as opportunities, we are on course to take Salone in general, and the Tourism sector in particular, to greater heights. So keep an open mind, put on your thinking caps, and let’s start creating and innovating our way out of whatever challenges lie before us.









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