Freetown, Sierra Leone

Today, the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs with support from Leone Rock Metal Group, launched the installation of solar lights along the Lumley beach front, one of the major destination areas for local and international visitors.

The project, is part of the Ministry’s broader objective to transform coastal areas of outstanding natural beauty into attractive, eco friendly tourist destinations, where local and international tourists would feel safe and secure, while enjoying the ambience during evening hours. The project was launched by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry and we look forward to its completion within a month.

Aware of the economic and development potential Sierra Leone’s tourism industry holds, the Ministry remains committed to forging beneficial partnerships with both the private sector and local communities, to responsibly leverage our collective aspirations and ensure sustainability.

Therefore, as we continue with the painstaking process of enhancing the aesthetic allure of the Lumley beach for the good of Sierra Leone, may I use this opportunity to appeal to all those concerned stakeholders who may have encountered some discomfort and loss during this period, to understand that our actions were guided by the policy guidelines they signed up to, which also seeks to preserve the beach and it’s eco-system for generations to come.

As we look forward to building more partnerships that will promote the sustainable use of our beautiful beaches and the economic benefits it brings to our local communities and the country as a whole, we extend sincere appreciation to Leone Rock Metal Group for providing the support and to my dear colleague, Alhaji Kanja Sesay, Minister of Energy for his cooperation.

I also thank all staff of the Ministry and its agencies for their reassuring commitment.

Indeed Tourism Na All Man Business

Nabeela Farida Tunis
Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs
Sierra Leone
27th March 2024


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