Sierra Leone Reggae Union Commemorates Bob Marley Night

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11th May, 2024.

In remembrance of the death of the King of Reggae Music, Bob Marley, the Sierra Leone Reggae Union staged a Live Band Performance at the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs Kingharman Road Headquarters in Freetown. The commemoration of the Lengendary Bob Marley night by the Reggae Union in collaboration with the Tourism and Culture Ministry resonates with the Ministry’s May’s theme of “Culture and Heritage” in the ongoing tourism for all campaign and also deepens the ties between Sierra Leone and Jamaica, the home of Bob Marley. The day is widely observed in Sierra Leone.

The event was sparked by live band reggae performances of Bob Marley’s songs coupled with stage acts by the Sierra Leone Reggae Union. The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Edward Kwame Yankson and the Director of Culture, Creativity and Innovation, Foday Jalloh assured of the Ministry’s support in promoting the Union. The Minister, Nabeela Tunis made a brief stop at the event to show support to the Reggae Union.

The commemoration of Bob Marley night was a preamble of a much bigger culture and heritage event to be hosted by the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs on the 25th of May, 2024. The event aims to further showcase and promote culture and heritage by bringing on board different acts and performances from the Reggae and culture community in Sierra Leone.

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